Get thee to the …. systray!

For the past month or so, I have been trying to get used to the madness that is Twitter. I started using it, because the company I work for is getting more and more involved with social media. So I signed up and slowly but surely, I now see the tremendous value it has. So after getting bit by the twitter bug I had to find a desktop app to manage the twitters.
First, I went with Twhirl, a nice clean app that runs on Adobe Air. But when Tweetdeck released a free version for the iPhone I tried it out. I love Tweetdeck, but I loathe the fact that it will not minimize to the systray. So much infact, that I went back to using Twhirl for this reason alone. I’m just a bit OCD about the icons and layout of my desktop. Then I found this site Tray it!.

I checked the site out with McAfee SiteAdvisor which so far, knock on wood, has not let me down and I dowloaded the app. Within minutes Tweetdeck was up and running and happily minimized to the Systray!!!

So if your are looking for something to minimize any windows app to the systray, this is your app!


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