Do you hate your code?

Many times I have opened a file and looked at the crud on the screen and said..”Who wrote this s#@t ?…. oh yeah… I did 🙁 ” Nothing we write is done in stone, never able to be changed or improved upon. As code monkeys we are constantly learning, reading, tinkering with new ways to improve our craft. If we don’t…well… we might as well start playing shuffleboard and hearts now, because we will be obsolete. Taken out in a field like the fax machine in office space and beaten. Beat Down

But do you hate your code? I was catching up on some clog reading over on Coding Horror and was a little perplexed by the arguments he set out.

In fact, I think you can tell a competent software developer from an incompetent one with a single interview question:

What’s the worst code you’ve seen recently?

If their answer isn’t immediately and without any hesitation these two words:

My own.

Then you should end the interview immediately. Sorry, pal. You don’t hate software enough yet. Maybe in a few more years. If you keep at it.

Really? No… Really?

I know damn well my code is no where near perfect but when I look at it, hate is not one of the thoughts that come to mind. I am a mostly self taught coder, and I really enjoy what I do. And as crazy as this may seem to the demi-gods of the coding world out there, I do not hate my code. I’m pretty proud of what I do.

Now I may be out on a limb all by myself on this one, but I am curious if the other code monkeys out there, you know the regular coders who put in their time at the office, and provide for their families, and work hard. Do they hate their code?


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