Embrace the Code Monkeys!

For the last few weeks, maybe months, I’ve been knee deep in implementing Omniture Web Analytics into my companies web sites.  It has been a huge undertaking and challenge.   Along the way I litteraly stumbled into great resrouces via Twitter from not only Omniture, but the community at large.  Never before have I had this great level of access to not only the direct support staff of a product, but to the community as well.

I’ve been a code monkey for nearly 13 years now and sure I’ve used the bbs, and forums for product support that could take days to get a decent response if ever.   I can’t speak for others other there, but I for one do not have days on end to get results on projects.   So with that, it is great to have read articles like this from Omniture on how they recognize the work and effort that developers have done to make their product more useful and easier to implement. Anything that makes it easier for the code monkeys out there to get projects working and running smoothly can only help your product in the long run.

Their assistance has made it possible for me to develop a ColdFusion based app to search Twitter and then push the data via Omnitures Data API into Site Catalyst. One of their many support resources Ben Gaines has been a huge help and very patient with my never ending stream of questions. I have pushed out my code to track the videos on our site and I am looking forward to seeing exactly how far I can push the edge of social media tracking with Omniture.

How many products / companies have been closed off to the developers out there? And made it that much harder for their product to work well? What type of service had you encountered?

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