No Postage Necessary

There was a time when I despised the flood of junk snail mail that I would receive. But then a good friend of mine @SvyATL passed along his solution, revenge!!!!

So now when the junk mail arrives I eagerly sift through the envelopes looking for my own “Golden Ticket” Golden Ticket. A shiny new “No Postage Necessary” envelope.

The next step is the fun part. I then fill the pre-paid envelope with all the other junk mail remnants, expired coupons, other non-important shreds of paper that I can find that do not have my name or address on them and then seal it up. It’s a bit childish, but I really enjoying dropping these envelopes filled to the limit into the mail box. Especially those that I’m able to mail back competing offers to different credit card companies and such.

My wife thinks I’m crazy, yet she does save the envelopes for me :), my co-workers sometimes scoff at this. But I say, I’m just doing my part to support the USPS. Who for the record will always hold a high place of esteem for my since they were the integral part of Kris Kringle’s defense case.

I wonder if others out there do this or similar neurotic things?


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