Omniture/SalesForce Integration Part 1: Configuration

As I set out on my latest adventure with Omniture, I decided to begin this project by actually reading the manual first. So, I downloaded and read the SalesForce: Genesis Integration Guide from Omniture. Ok..fine..maybe I skimmed some pages, but I read most of it. What I took away from it, was I was going to need to really plan this project out.

For starters, I was a bit stunned to discover that the default integration would take 9 eVars and 22 Custom Events, with an additional 33 custom events. (Holy smokes! 50 plus custom events!)

So based on the information from the manual, which is about the only information online I could find about the process, this was my initial task list:

1. Confirm SalesForce requirements with resident SalesForce expert.
2. Determine list of integration Custom Events needed. (which iof the 53)
3. Activate SalesForce Genesis plugin
4. Make changes to primary s_code files
5. Initial testing
6. roll out s_code changes to other report suites.

1 & 2 were easy.

#3. This was a whole other beast. I quickly realized that I needed to have the help of our resident SalesForce Expert to help with the configuration. There is simply too much about SalesForce data fields that I do not know. Not to mention the little bits of information that the Integration Guide leaves out.

Here are the items that were more of a challenge in the process, due to either missing information in the guide or lack of SalesForce knowledge.

eVar Classifications:

  • You must set up classifications for each eVar.
  • The select box provided to select SalesForce data fields is way way too narrow to be able to read the data field names.

Configure the Dashboard:

  • You must add classifications for all elements on this page.
  • The options provided to add classifications on this page are directly pulled from the classifications selected on the eVar Classifications.
  • If you have to go back to edit your eVar Classifications any options selected here will not be saved.

Map SiteCatalyst Events

  • Even though the Integration Guide says that the Marketing Sourced/Touched: Opportunitiy: New is optional…it’s not.  I had to add a mapping for this.

#1 thing I learned in the configuration: make darn sure you have a great SalesForce person to assist you with this. I am sure I would never have selected the right objects to classify without their help.

It is also apparent that I need a new task list, one that contains a lot more details and steps than I first planned.  I will be working on fleshing this out as I progress through the rest on the integration.

This ends the configuration portion of my adventure, off to make changes to the s_code.


Part 2: s_code & more

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