“If wishes were horses beggars would ride”

Thanks to the magic of the internet & twitter I read a request this morning for a wish list of integration ideas for Adobe + Omniture, from @BrettError. I knew that I would not be able to fit my list in the 140 characters allowed by twitter, so I will list them out here.

Of all the Adobe products out there I use ColdFusion almost exclusively (not counting reading PDF’s with Acrobat), so my list will be very slanted towards items I would love to see from an Omniture + ColdFusion perspective, that would make my job of implementing and optimizing the Omniture code & tags easier. That being said, this list below could easily be ported over to whatever development platform the site to be tracked is built on.

1) Tag library integration / validation within the soon to be released ColdFusion IDE – CF Builder. Much like the integrated JS libraries that can be added to other Eclipse based IDE’s

2) Dedicated AJAX support – ok, so maybe this one has nothing to do with ColdFusion specifically but it would be great to have a defined/dedicated AJAX tag like s.trackAJAX() instead of having to use the custom link tracking s.tl() to track AJAX events. More and more of what I do is on RIA, AJAX heavy elements where a user/web visitor can spend a long time and make many clicks on AJAX elements without ever triggering a page reload.

3) Native integration with the ColdFusion session variables to by default populate many of the page specific variables to send to Omniture. (pageName, server, channel, etc.)

4) Built in tags to use the Data Insertion API to push data into Omniture as an alternative to the JS Beacon. Having this as a CF tag, might make it easier to accomplish #2 above.

5) Community. The Adobe ColdFusion is a loyal and active community and serves as a great example of the effectiveness of having a great active and supported developer community.

6) Enhance documentation by creating Adobe AIR versions such as this. I use this version of the Adobe Live Doc’s all the time. Very handy!

So, there it is. My 2/5’s of a nickel on what I would love to see as a results of the Adobe(ColdFusion) + Omniture integration.


PS. The original tweet request for the wish list made me instantly think of a quote my mom often repeated to me when I would say “I Wish….”

“If wishes were horses beggars would ride”

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