Omniture / SalesForce Integration: Part 2 – s_code & more.

If you missed Part 1, read it first.

The past few weeks have brought some significant progress in the Omniture & SalesForce integration efforts.  Thanks to the folks at Omniture we were able to figure out what was causing the data between the two systems not to flow.

Within the SalesForce Campaign Module, the following new Omniture data fields must be populated: Allocation & Origin


Once this was set, the data exchange began to work right away.  Well…..  it began to work the next day, as the data exchange happens once a day.

Now to back up a step.  Part of the integration is making some changes to the s_code.js file.  Using the setCookieParam function you need to set additional values:

s_code Changes

var external_campaign_param ='campid';
var internal_campaign_param ='iCampid';
var retouch_campaign_param ='rtCampid';

Page Code Changes

s.eVar20 = s.setCookieParam(external_campaign_param,s.getQueryParam(external_campaign_param),1,365);

s.eVar22 = s.setCookieParam(internal_campaign_param,s.getQueryParam(internal_campaign_param),1,365);
<pre id="line531">s.eVar23 = s.setCookieParam(retouch_campaign_param,s.getQueryParam(retouch_campaign_param),1,365);

Note: The eVar’s used above should be the same that you set up in Part 1 as defined in the implementation guide.

These values will give you the ability to pass these values along whenever you submit data to SalesForce using Web2Lead or RingLead or however you submit data into SalesForce.

<cfhttpparam type="Formfield" value="#arguments.omtr_clm__campaign_external__c#" name="omtr_clm__campaign_external__c">
 <cfhttpparam type="Formfield" value="#arguments.omtr_clm__campaign_internal__c#" name="omtr_clm__campaign_internal__c">
 <cfhttpparam type="Formfield" value="#arguments.omtr_clm__campaign_retouch__c#" name="omtr_clm__campaign_retouch__c">

As of the writing of this, data has been flowing between SalesForce & Omniture for one week.  It’s too early in the process to get a full understanding of how we will best be able to leverage the data exchange between the systems, but I am looking forward to exploring this further.

Code snippets above are based on a ColdFusion environment and are meant to serve as psuedo code


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