Topify – Making Twitter Even Better!

I came across an article a while back on a new service for Twitter called Topify.


And just as it claims it is Power Email Notifications.  I like a lot of other folks, get the email notifications from twitter when I get a new follower or a direct message from folks, but there is never enough information about the new follower or an easy way to reply to a direct message.  Until now.

First, lets look at the email you get when you get a new follower:


Right away, you get tons more information than the default email.    I like the expanded information as well as the last few tweets for the new person, as well as easy methods to follow, block, etc.

This alone would be enough to get me to sign up, but wait!  There’s more!

Take a look at the notification you get from a DM (Direct Message):

top-email_DMOk, it is true that the information here is not much better than a normal alert, but you are able to just reply via email to this message and it will send a DM back to the person who just sent you the message.  This is very handy on your phone so that you do not have to switch apps just to reply or resort to having to text or something else.   Topify will also email you an (optional) confirmation note, once your reply DM has been sent.

Only downside is, that it is still in Beta and by invite only.  It took about 2 weeks to get the invite once I requested it, and after less than 1 day of using it, I am hooked!

Viva La Topify!!!!


I have a few invites.  Comment below, or ping me on twitter and I’ll send one along if I have any left.

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