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For Christmas this year, I was lucky enough to receive a few analytic related books.  Thanks in part that I put little else on my Amazon wish list!  One of the books was Yahoo! Web Analytics – Tracking, Reporting, and Analyzing for Data-Driven Insights by Dennis Mortensen.

I put this book on my list to learn more about the technical requirements of implementing and working with Yahoo! Web Analytics.    I had the basic vanilla code on my blog, but had not attempted to do anything more with it.  This book proved to be just the guidance I was looking for.

I was pleased with how the book jumped right into the details of implementation without having to wade through chapters of background information and useless history.   The instructions to get the basic tracking in place were clear and concise and provided all the the technical details necessary.

From there the book goes into the basic and advanced tags that can be employed to track just about anything of interest on your web site.    What I especially liked about the book with regards to the explanation of the tags were the real world examples of how to use the tags within your site’s code base, and then how these tags related to the settings and reports within the Yahoo! Web Analytics gui itself.

The pace of the book does not slow down as it goes into demonstrating how to get the most out of your data with leveraging all the tools and settings available to you with the Yahoo! Web Analytics interface.    I went through the book while sitting at my pc so I could try each example as I read through them and feel that this method is the best way to get the most out of this book.

I have read many, many technical books before and I would definitely place this book in the top tier of technical books, and would highly recommend it to anyone working with the Yahoo! Analytics tool .  It will go along side the other books I’ve read and continue to refer to frequently.   This is the first technical book that prompted me to go out and try some more of the advanced techniques right away, as I relied heavily on this book as I have been working on a Yahoo! Web Analytics plugin for WordPress.


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