Creating static URL’s from dynamic pages for Eloqua

Sometimes the code… it mocks me. This was the case when working with the implementation scripts from Eloqua. I followed the instructions and by default about 98% of the tracking we needed was being accomplished. The issue I encountered was trying to get Eloqua to differentiate the content being served up on a dynamic page.

One url. page.cfm?urlVariable=1 , page.cfm?urlVariable=2, page.cfm?urlVariable=3. They all showed up as page.cfm in the reports. And while Eloqua does have features that allow you to set up a query string in the admin console, you have to assign each value ahead of time and from what I have been told by folks both inside and outside of Eloqua, you are not able to use those values for certain types of behavioral tracking and filtering.

NOTE: I claim little knowledge of the inner workings of Eloqua and have had to take the word of the support folks and the documentation I could find. If you know this to be different, I would love to hear from you.

After much time spent scouring the web I found this article on an Eloqua blog.

The author of this blog, used a secondary tracking script from Eloqua ( elqFCS.js) and leveraged this and jQuery to auto tag links to any pdf on the sample site. Seeing this approach I was pretty sure I could use this method to meet my goal.

Step 1: Add the link to the additional JS file. It should be part of the standard implementation scripts.

 <SCRIPT TYPE='text/javascript' SRC='/elqNow/elqFCS.js'></SCRIPT>

Step 2: Check for the dynamic page, and if found create a “static” url to send to Eloqua.

 <cfparam name="url.urlVariable" default="">
<cfif cgi.path_info EQ "/dynamicPageInQuestion.cfm" and LEN(url.urlVariable) GT 0>
			var fullurl = '<cfoutput></cfoutput>';

That’s it! Now inside of Eloqua in addtion to seeing a visit to /dynamicPageInQuestion.cfm you will also see etc or whatever value you need to be able to filter on.

As of now, this is working and meets the goal / need I had. I’m curious if others have dealt with this, and if so what solutions did they come up with.

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