A Comparison of Omniture Site Catalyst & Google Analytics

I wanted to write a post to compare the various features, capabilities, and short comings of Omniture SiteCatalyst and Google Analytics to once and for all put this debate to rest.  But as I was researching this topic and I found hundreds of  articles that have tirelessly covered this topic.  Some folks might have been deterred by this.  After all, I really have only used Omniture SiteCatalyst and have only dabbled in the other two tools, was I really qualified to offer up an objective commentary?  After much introspection  I came to the conclusion that no, I was not qualified to offer up an objective comparison.  Was I going to let this stop me?  Hell no!

Product A Product B

Before we dive into the differences lets take a look at what is the same:

  • Both are fruit
  • Both have an outer skin/layers
  • Both will spoil if cut open and left out
  • Both require minimal refrigeration in original state

Now to the differences:

Product A:

  • Does not need to be pealed to consume
  • Bakes well

Product B:

  • Optimized when peeled before consuming
  • Loaded with Vitamin C
  • When over ripe works really well in a potato cannon

After much research and sampling of the two products I firmly stand behind my recommendation.  It matters not which product you use.  What matters is that the chef has the skills and knowledge needed to take either of the products listed above and get the real value out of them.

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