WAW, WAA, and the ATL

Finally!!!! There was an honest to goodness Web Analytics Wednesday event in Atlanta.  Free (thanks to a great sponsorship from Unica) and open to the analytics fanatics out there to come and socialize, network, and even listen to a panel discussion led by Eric Peterson.

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It was awesome to see such a great turn out for this event.   I am hopeful that there will be more true WAW events like this  in the Atlanta area.

As I was thinking back on all of the questions that the panel answered, what really stuck out to me was that none of them had even heard about the proposed Code Of Ethics being discussed over on the WAA web site.   I am fearful that even after the WAA and the community publish a final version that it will take a long time for big brands to accept it,  if they ever do.   So where does that leave us, the measure community?  I am tired of reading the steady stream of propaganda and fear mongering that is coming out of “reputable” news sources such as the Wall Street Journal lately and not seeing a consistent and effective response from the community.

Thankfully,  there are others out there that are concerned about this as well and some have gone to the WAA and they are forming an Advocacy committee to help provide that voice and direction and hopefully be able to arm the members with the tools to help the measure community as a whole stand up for itself.  If you are interested in helping out, or have specific items that you would like the WAA to be the advocates for let them know.

For more information about the WAA Advocacy committee, reach out to Jason Thompson.

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