Above and beyond, Home Depot excels in customer service.

This post will have nothing to do with traditional web analytics.  It will deal with an amazing user experience though.

The Atlanta area has seen a stretch of unusually cold weather the past few days with the temperature into the teens.  Great if you are a snowman, but aside from that it is just bitter cold.  Last night as I was putting our son to bed I noticed that the upstairs of our house was very cold.  I checked the thermostat and the heat was supposed to be working, but it was not.   A quick climb into the attic to investigate and I began to freak out.  Our brand new high efficiency furnace  was not working.  The condensation pump was full and was running, but it was not able to pump out any water.   I checked outside and the line on the exterior of the house was frozen solid.   There was no way that I would be able to get the line thawed out to let the pump empty so that the heater would resume.

After scratching my head for a while and waiting on the HVAC company to call me back, which they never did till midnight, I came up with a plan.  I would get some new tubing and run a line over to a space where I could feed the drain line into a shower drain below.  Perfect?  No, but it would at least get the heat on.   By this time it was 9:40 Pm.  I headed over to Home Depot to get the parts I needed.  The parking lot was nearly empty, the store had closed.   I did notice some people inside the store closing up, so I got out of the car and stood at the locked doors waiting for someone to walk by.  A few minutes later, a gentleman did.  Michael, like the angel, opened the door and heard my plea to get a much needed part to fix the furnace.  He quickly ushered me inside and not only helped me find the parts, but also found the store HVAC expert to talk through the problem with me to make sure I had the right parts to fix the heater.   Then Michael told me that the cash registers were offline and to just stop by tomorrow to pay for the parts I had in my hands.  I offered to leave cash above the amount, to leave all of my contact information, to have the copy my drivers license.  Michael said , “No, lets just get your heat working again, and we can sort out the details tomorrow.”

I thanked him profusely, and hurried home to make the temporary repair.  Within 20 minutes I had the heater back online and running.  It was great to have the heat back on!

I still can not get over the amazing act of kindness that Michael showed to me, a stranger at the door.   I applaud not only Michael, but Home Depot as well for creating an environment where the employees are empowered to do these things for their customers in the community.   I have never been an advocate for Home Depot in the past, but I am now.  They have truly gained a customer for life.

So to Michael, the others at the Home Depot in Marietta GA, & to the Home Depot corporation thank you.  My family is very grateful to you.

Merry Christmas!

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