Awards for Excellence 2011 – Thank You

This will be the last post about this I promise!   As most of you know the podcast that I co-founded and produce was not only nominated for but won the first ever Award for Excellence for Innovator/Technology of the year.   I was in such shock and overwhelmed when they announced it that I fee like I rushed through the little speech.    Now that I have had a bit to reflect on everything there are a few last things I want to say about this.

First, thank you again.  Thank you to those who nominated us, thank you to those who voted for us, thank you for selecting this podcast as the winner.

Thank you Gretchen! And though this will not be nearly as clever as the Joe Megibow, speech where he thanked his family, I have to thank them.   My wife has been extremely supportive from the very beginning.  Without her support for all the time I sit and edit podcasts in the evening with my headphones on lost in the laptop this would not be possible.

Thank you Adam.  You befriended me on twitter months before we started the podcast and you were excited and into this project from the beginning.  Thank you for not just deleting the emails that I sent you about starting this process.  Thank you for lending your vast knowledge to the podcast and the community.

Thank you James and Gary.  Both of you guys really stepped up to help us get this podcast off the ground.

Thank you to all of our guests.  I know that the listeners would have gotten tired of just hearing the same folks every week.  You variety of backgrounds and experience help keep this podcast fresh and entertaining.

Thank you to all of our listeners.  Holy Wicked Downloads Batman.  Nearly 80,000 to date!  Your overwhelming response to this is what drives us to continue and improve.

Thank you to the WAA!  Thank you for putting together the Gala and the awards.  We were humbled to be listed alongside the other nominees and finalists.

Shamelessly copied from the Web Analytics Association’s web site.

The Beyond Web Analytics podcast should pretty much say it all. They’ve had pretty much every top person in the industry as a guest and take the time to discuss the thinking, philosophy and application of web analytics in an easy to follow discussion format. Much has been gained from listening to the episodes and they have positively influenced plans and development in the WA arena.

The podcast is product agnostic which is also nice.

There are other sources out there but they tend to be focused on a particular product or service and presented by an evangelist. Beyond Web Analytics dispenses with the thinly veiled sales pitch and instead delivers what anyone who’s interested in the overall subject of web analytics wants and needs: a presentation of concepts, ideas and strategies that goes beyond products and vendors.

This podcast represents a unique resources on the web. What’s more, the nearly 40 episodes cover all aspects of web analytics from best practices to strategies to usually ignored subjects like WA career development and finding/retaining WA talent. It is doubtful there is any other online WA resource that spans the web analytics world as comprehensively as this podcast.

Thank you to my friends and colleagues.   Your support and participation on the podcasts and being about to share this moment at the Gala with so many of you is something I will treasure forever.

Thank you to the guests that we have not had on the show yet.  We look forward to getting to know you and sharing the conversation with our listeners.

Thank you to our Sponsors.  IQ Workforce has been great and even provided the shiny microphone we used at eMetrics to record some in person interviews.  Thanks Corry!

And finally, thank you to my Mom.  I wish she could have seen this.


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