Death and Taxes and ?

“in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” – Ben Franklin
At some point we have all heard some variation of this quote, and if not you just have.  This rings true especially this weekend as the procrastinators out there wait till the last minute to pay their tithes to Uncle Sam.  But I do wonder if most people really think that death and taxes the only things can be said to be certain.  I think not.  Here is my proposal for other items to be added to this list, with my filtered view of the world through my web analytics tinted glasses.

Internet Explorer 6 is the devil.  This should need no further explanation.
No matter how much time, money, and energy you have invested in making a product, there are those that will claim that it should be free.  And if you do not give in, and there are other free options out there, there will be haters.

Web Analytics professionals are chatty and thirsty folks.  Check out the Web Analytics Wednesdays from around the globe.  If you give them beer, they will come and chat.  Oh… I and love them for that.  Just saying.

140 characters is enough to impact an entire industry
Passion is as rare as kryptonite and some organizations wither in its presence.   Don’t hamper the people on your team, in your company that have this passion.   Find outlets for them.  Become their cheerleader.  Push them to take that passion and do things that they and enjoy and will ultimately benefit the whole organization.

The Keystone team flat out knows how to attack sushi.  Don’t believe it?  Track us down and we will show you.
Pie charts will never die.   As much as some folks hate them, there are those that equally love them.  Crazy people that use comic sans and IE6.

Jason Thompson will cook amazing things and then taunt people by posting the pictures on the interwebs.

I will never call it Adobe SiteCatalyst. It will forever be Omniture.  Long live the Green!
and last…. everyone has regrets… deal with it and move on.

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