Not so random thoughts Adobe (Omniture) Summit – Day 1 CAB

1) If you are not on a Customer Advisory Board (CAB) you need to nag, beg, plead with your account manager, account executive, favorite product manager until they cave in and get you on a CAB. For me the CAB sessions are the most valuable part of the whole Summit experience. You get two full days of direct access to not only the product managers of the products with the suite that you use the most and other customers that are in the trenches sharing their expertise and experiences with you. And since all of the conversations during the CAB sessions are under NDA there is a better flow of information from the Adobe folks and the other CAB members.


2) Innovation is alive and well at Adobe. I can not go into the details because of the NDA, but I was blown away with the special projects that the developers and product managers are working on. I for one hope that all of the sneak peeks I saw make it to the market in the very near future. But almost more important that the new projects was the fact that the company seems to be more committed to working on the projects and continuing to innovate at a rate that seems to have been missing over the past few years, and this is a great sign of things to come.


3) I miss the Grand America. The new space is nice and the event is well done, but there is just something about the Grand America that makes is feel more like an Analytics retreat than a conference. Perhaps I am just being sentimental.


Bring on Day 2