Are you the rabbit or the coyote?

There is a cycle that I have been witness to for the past decade or so in the woods outside my house.   We begin to see an increase in rabbits for a while.  They are cute and nibble on the plants and weeds scurry off whenever you scare them.  This goes on for a bit and then we hear the coyotes…..they howl and make their presence known and the rabbits are not seen anymore.   Circle of life…hakuna matata… survival of the fittest….supply and demand.  Pick which ever one makes you feel better about it.   Point is this cycle has been going on in some form for thousands of years and it will continue to go on for thousands more.

So which are you?  The rabbit? Cute, cuddly, content to munch on the plants and hop around?  Or the coyote? An adept hunter that eats the rabbits.   You do not get to be both.  You do not get to hop around in life and do just all the fun things in life without having any risk.  You do not get to be the hunter without getting some blood on your teeth.

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