Fly me to the moon…..

It has been nearly two years since I joined Keystone Solutions, and over that time I have had the great fortune to work with amazing people and amazing clients.  And I am not too ashamed to say we did some kick ass work together for our clients.

One of the areas that I really enjoyed working with is in the Tag Management System space.   With various clients I was able to work with the “leaders” in this space.    And while these tools all solved some of the problems clients were facing, none of them did a great job at solving all of the major issues the clients were really struggling with.

Then some time last year, Evan LaPointe at Search Discovery came out with a tool that he claimed solved these issues.  I scoffed a bit… ok… a lot.  Evan and I shared many conversations where he would relentlessly try to convince me that Satellite was like nothing else out there in the marketplace…or universe even.

Well…time goes by and the tool evolved and as I continued to work on vendor selections projects with clients for TMS vendor, the more often that Satellite began to not only win the evaluations but crush them.   After a few of these in a row I dig more and now I am a koolaid drinking believer.   Don’t just take my word for it.  List out the top 10 use cases or problems you have with tagging and do a side by side comparison of the tools and see for yourself the difference.

So when the opportunity presented itself to join Search Discovery / Satellite and help bring this product to more companies… I jumped at it.  Once you see the best tool out there, you just do not want to work with the others any more.

I am grateful for the opportunities and experiences I have had at Keystone, and I am excited about the experiences that are in front of me now at Search Discovery.


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