Passion != Crazy

Normally I am quite reserved.  I do my best to not post political or religious items on twitter, facebook, or here.  I try equally hard to not comment on those topics that I see other people post.  It is not from a lack of caring, but a lack of interest in engaging in a debate or online argument with others.

Things related to the digital measurement industry?  That is a whole other ball of wax.  It not a secret where I work and what products I represent.  It is also not a secret that I have as much experience implementing various tms system as nearly anyone else in the industry.  If I did not see first hand the issues with the other solutions and believe so much in what we are doing and that it is the personal spacecraft of the future while everyone else is selling Yugos, I would not be beating the drum as loudly as I am.

I am passionate about this space.  I am passionate about this product.  I will continue to be so.   Don’t mistake my passion as an infatuation with a competitor or a manifestation of a concern that anyone is better.  I am a loud, stubborn person.  I was born that way, and chances are I’ll go out the same.

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