eMetrics San Francisco 2013 Wrap Up

Another eMetrics on the west coast has come and gone. This was only my 4th eMetrics but with all of the DAA Symposiums and other great events it feels like I have to many more than that. But this one was different. This was my favorite eMetrics to date, and it really shows how hard Jim Sterne and the folks on the organizing team and the speakers have worked to create an event that is top notch. Also, a big congrats to all the DAA Award winners and all of the folks that were nominated. Having the industry come together to recognize the achievements of others speaks to the maturity of our space and the impact these folks are having with the companies that they are working with.

Throughout this week I had the opportunity to talk to some great people from some pretty amazing companies. The sessions and speakers were great, but the opportunity to brainstorm and share knowledge with thought leaders in the digital measurement industries and other great practitioners exchanging freely projects they were working on and things that did and did not work for them. And as I reflect back on this week I wanted to share a few of the conversations and observations that will stick with me.

1. Plan for earlier flights to arrive. A lot of people were delayed multiple hours getting into SF for reasons of fog, or runway maintenance, etc. Take the first flight out on your travel day, get settled into hotel, and then walk around and explore this great city. If you are not going to get out of the conference hotel at all during the stay then the conference might as well be in the middle of BFE.

2. Bring lots of business cards. Even though you will see lots of old friends you will meet lots of new people as well. Share your information and then after the conference keep in touch. I have made many lasting friendships this way. Note: then use cardmunch on your phone to scan all the cards in so you don’t lose the information.

3. Get as much sleep as you can. The conference is not over when the sessions are done. Lobby bars, dinners, after hours events are all part of the fabric of these events and key to not only having more fun, but meeting more people. Some of the best conversations I have ever had have been before or after the events for the day. Do not miss out on that time. (Yes I know I am not a night owl, but I try the best I can)

4. Make a list of the people you want to meet at the event and if you have trouble finding them turn to Jim Sterne. He is the most gracious host of this event and will point you in the right direction. If that does not work, turn to social media, someone out there will help you make that connection.

A lot of your experience and what you get out of eMetrics is dependent on what you put into it. So don’t be shy and get out there and talk to the other attendees, ask questions of the speakers, take advantage of the networking events, and have fun while learning and sharing knowledge and experiences with others in this great digital measurement industry.

Just my 2/5’s of a nickel.

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