What would you spend $200,000 on ?

As the winter break for the holidays was coming to an end I posted a simple question on twitter:   “If you had an extra 150-200k in your digital marketing budget, what would you spend it on?”  The responses to that simple question were fun and varied, although there were not too many surprises.  Below is a sampling of the responses that came in:

  • More Analysts
  • Raises for current team
  • More development sprints
  • A/B Testing Solutions
  • Training & Education / Conferences
  • Pinatas filled with queso for “Fiesta Friday” parties

Not one single person said that they would spend of this bonus budget on a Tag Management System.  And why should they when Adobe’s Dynamic Tag Management (Formerly Satellite) is FREE!!   Don’t just take my word for it, read what the folks over at HP had to say.





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