Myths & Legends: Vendor Agnostic

There is no such thing as being Vendor Agnostic.

If you read enough of the digital measurement blogs or publications you will hear about the virtues of people, companies, or products being Vendor Agnostic and some of them might actually believe it.   People pick or promote their favorites for many different reasons:

  • They know and understand the a solution better than others.
  • They work for a specific vendor or solution.
  • They get paid to promote or refer a solution.
  • Having experience on a specific solution will make them more $$.

These are just a few of the reasons why people blog about or become advocates for solutions and they are all valid.  If, and that is a big IF, they are honest about their reasons for doing so.  Pretending to be an objective thought leader while being paid by or having some hidden equity stake is just wrong.

I make no secret of where my bias comes from.   Is it  too much for others to do the same ?

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