Tilting at Windmills

I am descended from a long line of stubborn strong-minded folks, and Lord help me I seemed to have passed this trait on to my son as well.  Teaching this boy what it means to grow into a good person forces me to reflect on how well I follow my own advice.  In a recent conversation I told him that you have zero control on how other people react to any situation, but you have complete control on how you react.  I really believe this, but I do not think that I have been listening to my own advice.

The world is not fair. Life is not fair. You will fall down. You will get hurt. Get up, rub some dirt on it and move forward.

You never know what demons or  issues that the people that you encounter and interact with are going through.  Everyone is fighting their own dragons, even if all you see is people tilting at windmills.  You do not need to know the specifics, but it critical for you own well being that you acknowledge that these battles that people are fighting can quite possibly be for life and death.


I’m not removing the review mirror as there is much to be learned from the past. I am shifting it to the side so that it is removed from my direct field of vision. The road ahead is limitless.

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