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It’s that time of year when school is back in session and the school sends out the legions of new recruits to sell things door to door to help raise much needed money for the schools.  Each year, my son’s school sells magazine subscriptions and renewals.  I was shocked too to find out that paper versions of magazines still exist as well, but they do!!

I wanted to reach out to get as much support for this cause as I can and wanted to share the email that I spammed er.. sent out to my address book today.

*This is my one spammy email of the year, but it is for a great cause! *

Avery is raising money for his school by selling magazines (renewals and new subscriptions) His school gets a large portion of the money and you get a great deal!  If magazines are not your thing they also have wrapping paper, collegiate items, and lots of other fun products.   This is his only school fundraiser for the whole year. Avery also gets the chance to earn some great prizes if he gets his orders in on time. Thanks to your help last year, Avery met his goal to ride in the Limo for ice cream and to participate in the other games for the top sellers. Here is great picture of Avery & his classmates getting geared up for the fundraiser:


If you received this email and you do not wish to help small school children then… pbbbbbbbbstttt to you. 🙂 And my wife says I have to say we are sorry for bothering you, even if I am not truly sorry.  Please order early & often to help out. Thank you! -Rudi & Gretchen & Avery Shumpert

AVERY’s online ID: 22CF2KT

Step One:  Please click on the link below: (Special link for ST JOSEPH SCHOOL SW )

Step Two:   Shop!

Student prizes* are calculated during our fundraising campaign dates only.  Our group gets credit for orders all year long so please save this email and the direct link to our store that is specified above.

Thank you so much for helping us reach our goal.  If you have any friends who you think can help us reach our goal, please let them know we would appreciate their support as well.

So if you do not hate small school children and would like to help out a great cause, copy the code for Avery and click the link above to spend as much $$$ as you can!

Thanks for indulging me this.


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