Talking Shop with Corry Prohens 3

I have known Corry Prohens since 2009 and have been lucky enough to call him a friend for most of that time. I have worked with many different recruiters over my career and none of them have taken the time to really get to know the industry and the people that they work in.  Corry […]

Support a great cause!!!

It’s that time of year when school is back in session and the school sends out the legions of new recruits to sell things door to door to help raise much needed money for the schools.  Each year, my son’s school sells magazine subscriptions and renewals.  I was shocked too to find out that paper […]


Iterative Analytics Implementations 2

Iterative development has been a widely accepted method of product development and even web development for a long time time.  You work with a team to determine what are the minimum features that have  to be included to ship or launch a product, then as you receive feedback from the users you make adjustments and […]