About Me

My first experience with computers was thanks to pure luck that the Computer Teacher at my school, was also the ride home for my brother and I.  So after school each day, while we waited for Mr. C to finish his work so we could go, we got to “play” with some state of the art equipment.  TRS-80’s.  First program I wrote was pure bliss.

20 GOTO 10

Mix that in the great movie “War Games” and my path in life was cast.

I recall the moment I heard the term HTML for the first time. I was sitting in a ADA programming class at Clemson University (Go Tigers!!), and the professor said “Hey, check out this HTML stuff”. I was hooked!!

Fast Forward a few…ok, ok, many years and I am still working with web technologies, and I still love it. I am constantly seeking out and learning new things and having a blast doing it. I started this blog a while back, and was not really sure about blogging and the whole concept of throwing my thoughts out there for general consumption. But over the past few months, I have become even more immersed in working with Social Media & Web Analytics  and I wanted to put down my thoughts of things, even it turns out that I am the only one who may ever read them 😉

If you stumbled across this, I hope you are able to get something out of it.


PS:  Be sure to check out my podcast over at Beyond Web Analytics!

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