Myths & Legends: Vendor Agnostic

There is no such thing as being Vendor Agnostic. If you read enough of the digital measurement blogs or publications you will hear about the virtues of people, companies, or products being Vendor Agnostic and some of them might actually believe it.   People pick or promote their favorites for many different reasons: They know […]

Talking Shop with Blair Reeves

If you have spent any time on any of the digital measurement social media channels the past year or more you have surely seen the tweets and great content from Blair Reeves who blogs at  After reading his posts and interacting with him on twitter I wanted to get a chance to learn a […]

What Happened to the Fun ?

Maybe it is just me, but the digital measurement industry as a whole seems….well… less fun than it did a few years back.  Do not get me wrong, I LOVE my job and working in this industry, but something is off.  I miss the silly interview series that Emer used to do, I miss the […]

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Creativity Inc. – A Must Read

I was not even aware of this book being published until I drifted by a poster in a London Tube station.  I saw the outline of Buzz Lightyear and I quickly snapped a picture to remind myself to the read the book.  I finally got around to borrowing the eBook from the library to read […]